• Nancy

Georgette Heyer

Some of my most beloved books are by Georgette Heyer. Most readers discover her in their teens, often because their grandmother or mother recommends them. Not me - I didn’t read any of Heyer’s Regency romances until I was an adult. I wish I could remember why I picked one up, or who told me about them, but I’ve never been able to dredge that information up out of my mind because I’d like to give her a huge thank you. Heyer’s novels are both impeccably researched and extremely witty. They are perfect comfort reads: I usually reread them during the awful rainy winter months in Seattle. The first one I read was The Grand Sophy, which remains one of my absolute favorites. I’m sure all the students in the Reader’s Advisory class I was teaching that quarter at the University of Washington Information School became heartily fed up with my saying how wonderful it was! As a surprise, they photoshopped a picture of me gracing the cover of an old edition of the novel. In addition to The Grand Sophy, my favorites are Sylvester, Venetia, Frederica, A Civil Contract, Arabella, The Reluctant Widow, and An Infamous Army; all of which I reread frequently and with great delight. Before Sourcebooks brought the whole Heyer oeuvre back in print, it was difficult to find copies, but I now have lovely copies of all my favorites.